Providing vital medical supplies to Texans in need

Collecting and repurposing unopened medical items to struggling San Antonio residents since 2021.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide a high level of quality customer service and care. This is based locally, within the San Antonio area, to expand statewide and reach global communities. AAMI will provide vital medical supplies to our community residents to empower and rescue struggling financial incomes and to help sustain human life at no cost. 

Our Inspiration and Beginnings

The inception of Archangels of Merci Inc. has roots in the snow-covered mornings at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, VA. It was here, during unexpected early arrivals, that the discovery of the “MERCI” program, or Medical Equipment Recovery Clean Inventory, became a profound revelation. Volunteers were collecting, sorting, and sending out unused medical supplies to rural hospitals and medical missions. The sheer volume of perfectly good, unopened items like sutures, gloves, and gowns, which were otherwise destined for the trash, highlighted a stark inefficiency in the system.

Turning Insight into Impact

With two decades of surgical technology experience, witnessing the continuous disposal of unopened supplies became a nagging concern. This inspired the foundation of Archangels of Merci Inc. – a testament to our commitment to repurpose medical supplies for those in dire need. We aim not only to reduce wastage and environmental impact but also to bridge the medical supply gap both locally and globally. Our goal is simple: to serve communities, ensure medical supplies reach those in need, and do so without any financial burden on the recipients.


I cannot praise Archangels of Mercy and Miss Gloria Kelly enough for their unwavering support in my time of need. They generously provided medical supplies when I couldn’t obtain them due to my circumstances. If you require medical assistance, reach out to them; they’ll help wholeheartedly.”

sylvia olivarez

Ms Gloria has been a big help and a Blessing, I’m so glad that she crossed my path, everything happens for a reason, she prays for me, she saw how I was in the beginning, and now she loves it the way I look now. She’s a wonderful, kind, big-hearted woman, and I’m glad she’s in my life.”

vincente lopez